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A Grade Quality Firewood 

When your wood heater is not functioning properly it is generally due to a blocked flue. If a fire can't breathe it can't burn properly. Far to often we hear how someone bought a cheap load of wood (or was sold wood from the recent storms) and it struggled to burn and the situation just got worse and worse until smoke bellows into the room smoking out the whole house. We can recommend a cleaner and then get you the right firewood so you don't encounter these problems. Even the best firewood will not burn if it can not get air!

Give us a call if you need a Flue clean!

Step one: Get a flue clean

Step two: get some great seasoned firewood from A-Grade Quality Firewood.

Step three: enjoy a warm winter without smoke filling your house.

Need your chimney flue cleaned?

Many do not know the signs of a clogged chimney flue or why their wood heater is not functioning properly.

Smoke bellowing back into the room? Could be a blocked flue.

Fire Struggling to stay lit? Could be a blocked flue.