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Ironbark Firewood

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A-Grade Quality Firewood

Central Coast, Sydney Firewood

Central Coast Firewood

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A Grade Quality Firewood 

We've been cutting firewood now for nearly 30 years. We've been nominated twice for business awards in 2012 - 2014. We can't thank those who nominated us enough! 

A-Grade Quality Firewood has grown into one of the largest suppliers of firewood in Australia. Our company has continued to grow and we became the supplier to the suppliers. In 2014 our business merged with Des Kurtsmans business. Dez Was A great mate and will be forever missed. Dez was the industry leader and one of the main suppliers to the firewood industry on the East Coast of Australia for over 60 years.

In 2014 we also opened our packaging factory to cater to the ever growing demand for packaged goods. 

We only source and sell the best firewood in the industry. We pride ourselves on our service and products. We thank our loyal customer base for our success and choosing not to compromise on quality!

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Why us? The choice is clear! No really look out your stack once you have a fire going! You might think the fire isn't even on. 

Since we started the Business over 10 years ago, the air on the Central Coast, NSW has gotten cleaner through the introduction or better burning products. An independent initiative that has really made a difference. 

This is how clean all of our products burn. This was the Lopi wood heater setup at our office in winter 2013. 

All our products are sourced from Forestry or private logging contractors. 100% sustainable managed forests.

It's what we refuse to sell that set the standard as a true leader in the industry! A true leader would not compromise on any of the following.

1. We do not sell a tree loppers by-product!

2. We do not sell railway sleepers!

3. We do not sell sawmill offcuts!

4. We do not sell anything cut with a chainsaw!

These products do not meet our strict company standards!